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Key Facts About Barcelona

Barcelona draws nine million tourists and 20,000 international students annually, as well as nearly half of its residents from abroad. The city’s reputation as a Mediterranean center of culture and business attracts visitors from around the globe.

Barcelona ranks #21 on the Innovation Cities™ Global Index and has progressive ideas when it comes to fostering growth. The city was one of the first to appoint a Chief Technology and Digital Innovation Officer who, among other many things, has opened data sets to stimulate local businesses. Barcelona is an excellent place to start a business, with low costs allowing entrepreneurs to experiment, and in turn bolster innovation. The city has produced myriad successful startups including:






Spain is also seen by ambitious entrepreneurs as the gateway to a dual market: Spain and Latin America. What’s more, the city of Barcelona hosts numerous, prestigious international events that attract experts and leaders from around the world, including the Mobile World Congress, Smart City Expo World Congress and 080 Barcelona Fashion. It also welcomes, Sónar+D, an international congress that fuses art and technology to enable the imagining of new futures. From networking to entrepreneurship, Barcelona has so much to offer!


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