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Research is one of the fundamental components of any academic institution. At EU Business School, we outline our research endeavors by creating content of value for the wider world. We blend fundamental research with applied research to create fundamental research with real-world application. In order to bolster our research output, we have devised a research strategy based on three essential pillars:

  1. Foster a spirit of discovery within our world-class faculty and design a research-guided curriculum that blends theory with practice.
  2. Create new and applicable knowledge for our wider global community through both internal and institutional research (dissertations, case studies, faculty contributions), as well as through our research partnerships, applied research projects and publications.
  3. Provide visibility and outreach of our research findings through hosting research events throughout the year

In the initial years, our research-related activities were mainly internal and institutional. In 2018, we created a platform to increase our research activities and their outreach. To ensure independence, neutrality and impartiality of our research, ON Research was established as EU Business School Group’s research platform and is the focal point for all its research-related matters.

ON Research showcases and hosts EU Business School's open-access and peer-reviewed journal which is published twice a year under the same title – ON Research. It is a multidisciplinary journal in which we publish our research findings about the most cutting-edge issues in business and society. The platform also publishes our faculty contributions and information regarding projects with our partners.

On Research

on research

ON Research also hosts research outreach events in the form of conferences and seminars throughout each academic year, These allow us to create a platform for discussion and collaboration between our different stakeholders.

The Research Forum, held annually in October, is a flagship research event in which we invite experts from academia, government, business, international organizations and NGOs. During this one-day event, they discuss and deliberate on key global issues and generate ideas and synergies for new research.

We invite you to learn more about our research endeavors.

ONResearch Insights

Faculty Thoughts

How Darwin and X-Men can help you find a job in the sport industry?

Vanessa Tribet, Professor of Sports Management

EU Business School, Switzerland

Sep 2020

From austerity to prosperity: A historical perspective of Geneva’s luxury industry

Lesley Lawson Botez, Professor of Luxury and Design

EU Business School, Switzerland

Jul 2020

Purposeful Brands or Brands with Purpose: What are They and How Can We Be a Part of Them

Marc Perello, Professor of Management

EU Business School, Barcelona

Apr 2020

“We Are All in This Together”: Brand Communication Strategies During COVID-19

Elisa Paz Pérez, Professor of Media and Marketing

EU Business School, Barcelona

Apr 2020

ONResearch Talks

We are pleased to introduce ON Research Talks. This is the latest initiative by EU Business School’s research platform, ON Research. These talks are designed to generate new ideas and content for all our stakeholders, and, as a world-class institution for business education and research, showcase our commitment to knowledge sharing. ON Research Talks will bring together renowned leaders from academia, global institutions and business and industry, and will provide a platform for intellectual engagement and fruitful conversations on an array of inter-disciplinary global issues.